In this page, we press secret of taste of "angler" which is most suitable for winter pan.
What kind of fish is it?
1.With "angler"
Standard Japanese name is called "angler" "kiankou" (angler eyes angler department, fusaankou department), but most of things unloaded in Hamada-shi are "kiankou". We reach the most delicious seasonal time from December through February.
We are eaten other than the bone thoroughly to be called "paraphernalia of angler" and generally call the liver in particular with "the Ann liver" and nutritive value is high and includes a lot vitamin, mineral.
When we cook, it is hard to deal with cutting board as the whole body is soft and does to hang lower jaw on hook (key), and to finish hanging.
Nutrient…Vitamin B such as vitamin B12 and B1, niacin is included in the body, and the bean jam liver has abundant vitamin A and vitamin B12 vitamin D.
2. Where do you inhabit?
We inhabit at sand mud bottom of south depth of the water 50-500m from Hokkaido. "Angler" landed in Hamada fishing port is fished in bottom biki network in from sea area off Hamada from Tsushima.
Angler map
Is it more delicious than anywhere else?
1. Why is it delicious? Information around Ryoba
Hamada fishing port is proud of quantity of "angler" of the national second place unloading (quantity of 2016 unloading: the Hamada-shi water Industry Promotion Association investigation).
It is story of Ryoshi and, as for "the angler "produced off east San-in of Tsushima," stomach swells and there is cracking down on in the body and has good quality!" Hmm.
2. Approach of resource conservation of fisherman
We are doing for resource conservation in rest fishing season on August 15 from June 1. We keep fish catches and taste of angler by gaining rest well.
We will eat "angler" of Hamada!
※As you may not provide by the situation of unloading, please refer beforehand.
Let's eat angler in Hamada!
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