In this page, we press secret of taste of "rockfish" of Hamada attracting attention nationwide.
What kind of fish is it?
1.What is "rockfish?"
Standard Japanese name is called "blackthroat seaperch", but is known as "rockfish" nationwide because the inside of mouth is black.
We call small nomonooo "mekkin" of less than approximately 18cm in Hamada-shi (Shimane).
It is established in fish of city in Hamada-shi in 2009.
Nutrient…Chief ingredient is protein and lipid. We include EPA and DHA of unsaturated fatty acids.
2. Where do you inhabit?
We inhabit the depth of the water about 200m of wide ranges from Hokkaido to Okinawa. We fish "rockfish" landed in Hamada fishing port in bottom biki network in from sea area off Hamada from Tsushima.
Rockfish map
3.Is name of "rockfish" origin in Hamada?
As for the name of "rockfish", Hamada is said to be origin among Ryoshi. It was not sure, but seemed to be said for more than at least 50 years when came to say.
When small thing was called "mekkin", and distribution did not develop like the present, we seemed to be treated as side dish of meal of Ryoshi.
Is it said that it is the Japan's most delicious?
1. Why is it delicious? Information around Ryoba
The body of "rockfish" is fish which is famous nationwide because riding of fat is well at all delicious in crimson light softly. We ship thing of size more than 80 g landed in May in the next year from August by brand name of "donchitchi rockfish" by offshore bottom biki net-fishing in Hamada-shi.
If riding of fat of "rockfish" of Hamada is found to be good through the year, and ratio of lipid content indicating riding of fat right calls with "fatty tuna" of whitefish with 25-30% with high thing, it may be said that it is fish deserving to be.
In story of Ryoshi, "we do not seem to be able to eat large percentage if we eat small number on dice of Hamada". Even the same rockfish seems to be entirely different from small number on dice in riding of fat in large percentage.
2. Approach of resource conservation to protect taste
Not only offshore bottom biki net-fishing fleet of Shimane catches delicious "rockfish", but also they work hard to protect marine resources which it is limited, and there is, and to bring up. It is, for example, ...
◎We are doing for resource conservation in rest fishing season on August 15 from June 1.
◎When fishery of "mekkin" becomes more than constant standard, we set "mobile area closed to fishing" that assumes the neighboring area of the sea rest fishing for ten days and perform approach that we fish after greatly bringing up "rockfish". (from March to May)
We will eat "rockfish" of such delicious Hamada!
Let's eat rockfish in Hamada!
Let's buy rockfish in Hamada!
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