As Ryoba (fishing ground) for a long time eminent whole country in Hamada-shi, Shimane
								It is famous and is popular spot that much fishing visitors visit from the prefecture outside through one year. In the sea of Hamada, seawater full of nutrition coolly of the deep sea mixes with warm Tsushima warm current and can catch delicious fish because there are many bait of fish and plankton that it is.
God Ebisu which causes fortune
We gathered up information of "play fishing boat" which fishing from "ferryboat" which he/she took to pier and island that we could not walk and ship could enjoy. Captain of each ship is expert of fishing! We hear in various ways and will get delicious fish in large quantities♪
Area Ship's name Telephone Embarkation place Ferryboat point
Hamada katakaragan 090-3638-3077 Seto ka island (Setogashimacho, Hamada-shi) Pier (bottom, the north, one character, the inside of 58, the hiccups west offing, way)
Hamada The bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans-maru 090-9062-1750
Malin Ohashi bottom,
Hamada fishing port 6 quay (Haraicho, Hamada-shi)
Pier (lower pail island, 58.1 characters, the north, the inside of the west offing, hiccups, way)
Hamada Original Fukumaru 090-3740-2397 JF Shimane Hamada branch
The Nagahama branch office side (1527-4, Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi)
Beach (tsuma, helmet, Orii, saddle island, Hamada offing, unpleasant island, Hamada offing, Isejima)
Pier (Shimokita, one character, average, pail island, Fukui of the west offing, 58, hiccups, way)
Hamada The cigarette good luck-maru 090-8998-6487
Nagahama Beach (Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi) The Minatomachi, Hamada-shi - Tsumacho, Hamada-shi area
Hamada Niidome ferryboat 0855-22-0111 The Hamada River (104-3, Tonomachi, Hamada-shi) Beach (Gulf of Matsubara, Tonoura shore, straight hot water shore, descent from a mountain shore, Jana Island, Majima)
Pier (58, the north, average, offing one character, hiccups, the west offing)
Misumi The dragon-maru 090-8248-4249 Old Minato fishing port (Misumichofuruichiba, Hamada-shi) kadenokihashi, east pier
Misumi Nakamoto ferryboat 090-4579 - 4653 Old Minato fishing port (Misumichofuruichiba, Hamada-shi) Fire electric wave stopping offing one character, west pier
Misumi Nippon-Maru 090-8248-3998 Fukuura fishing port (Misumichosaigochi, Hamada-shi) Kashima
◆Play fishing boat
Area Ship's name Telephone Embarkation place Fishery
Hamada Good luck Toyomaru 090-5264-8709 The neighborhood of Shimane fisheries technology center (Setogashimacho, Hamada-shi) Squid-fishing, trolling, jigingu, a type of fishing
Hamada The cough state-maru 090-3370-0812 Nagahama Beach (Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi) Squid-fishing, jigingu, intrigue
Hamada Third original Fukumaru 0855-27-0490 The JF Shimane Hamada branch Nagahama branch office side (1527-4, Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi) -
Hamada dainikungan 090-2007-4043 Nagahama Beach (Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi)
※Wait angle Hamada shop
Hamada The Chihiro-maru 090-8361-6631 Hamada mercantile port Hamada Koun company front seats upstairs landing place (1785-1, Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi) -
Hamada The Waku-maru 090-8361-0809 Hamada fishing port (Haraicho, Hamada-shi) Trolling, a type of fishing, intrigue, jigingu, squid-fishing
Misumi The Haibao-maru 080-9997-3030 Misumi Port (Misumichookami, Hamada-shi) jigingu casting, inchiku
Misumi The second dragon-maru 090-8248-4249 Old Minato fishing port (Misumichofuruichiba, Hamada-shi) Take trolling; fishing, pole-and-line fishing, jigingu
Misumi Fishing boat
The ASAHI-maru
0855-32-2130 Old Minato fishing port (Misumichofuruichiba, Hamada-shi) -
Let's hear fishing of Hamada here! Other than sale of fishing tackle and bait, the staff knowing a lot about fishing advises toward the beginner carefully ♪ Please feel free to contact fishing place information or ferryboat information.
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