Flourishing endlessly area
Flourishing endlessly area MAP
Highlight 1 Both signal and convenience store are the few genuine countries. We can feel original scenery of Japan to rich rural scenery and green of the mountains.
Highlight 2 We can enjoy various natural experiences through one year including wild boar hunting experience and star watching, grasshopper experience.
Highlight 3 Yasakacho that is rice granary of Hamada-shi. "Raw sake" made from the rice is unrivaled article!
Highlight 4 When it is autumn, bright red colored leaves color the mountains. We can enjoy maple-tree viewing while going for a drive!
Flourishing endlessly oldness and festival
Village flourishing endlessly Kagura Festival of raw sake
Flourishing endlessly industry festival
Flourishing endlessly Kagura Festival
Hamada to know in five minutes
Hamada-shi, Shimane official site  
Hamada-shi, Shimane oldness and contribution special site  
Hamada yorinsaito  
Shimane Prefectural Shimane ocean building aqua  
Shimane fish center  
Good old country Ishimi  
It is country Island of relationship  
Bush clover, Ishimi Airport  
San-in inbound mechanism official site