Misumi area
Misumi area MAP
Highlight 1 There are Bairin of Misumi Sakura Ohira and Misumi Park of estimated approximately 660 years years old, a lot of famous spots of flower including azalea!
Highlight 2 Tradition of UNESCO world Intangible Cultural Heritage "Iwami standard size Japanese paper" is inherited, and it is followed. Making paper by hand Japanese paper experience and visit are possible, too!
Highlight 3 Shoreline and scenery of the setting sun floating in the sea that JR goes to are superb views as they cannot express by words!
Highlight 4 In large Asayama (taimasan), nature is full! We can overlook the Sea of Japan spreading through Hamada-shi and the north from the mountaintop.
Azalea festival of Misumi
Murodani Terraced Rice Fields Festival
Iwamikagura dance of Misumi
See; corner Festival
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