Recommended sightseeing course
In Hamada-shi where scenic spot that is full of nature and old tradition remain, there is much highlight! It is introduction of 10 sightseeing models course that are particularly recommended in that.
Recommendation course (all categories)
Let's look for three "happiness" in the sea of Hamada ☆ Both heart and stomach are courses enjoying the sea of full Hamada.
Dishes and course around sweets that were clogged up of taste of having spare time Japanese paper experience and Hamada at village of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage "Iwami standard size Japanese paper." We enter humidity retention-related outstanding hot spring, and fair skin power will improve♪
Traditional technique
It is course that fully enjoys traditional arts "Iwamikagura" coming to the Ishimi district for a long time. We observe indispensable Japanese paper and apparel, mask in Iwamikagura. Finally, we will experience genuine Iwamikagura!
The history
It is course around place of TV saga "hananen yu" of 2015 connection. Let's enjoy the history of Hamada including "fight of Iwami Exit" in the second curtain long war of 1866.
The history
After having circulated through remains of an ancient structure of Hirohama railroad while choosing souvenir, and dropping in at general shop, it is healed by hot spring. It is course enjoying relaxed time.
Stomach will feel spring with delicious strawberry after after all spring enjoyed cherry blossoms in full bloom that "cherry blossom viewing" is beautiful! It is course around famous spot of cherry tree of Hamada who can enjoy only in this season.
The history
Turbulence! We follow the history of Hamada feudal clan. It is course around temple of heroes connection who colored the history of Hamada feudal clan while enjoying cityscape in Hamada-shi. It is Times lip for history of Hamada!
After having explored ceramic art, we observe the main gate of a Buddhist temple of temple feeling the history. Furthermore, skin becomes soft and smooth in ramen + Bihada-no-Yu with full of collagen, too? It is course enjoying a lot of charm of Asahicho.
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