Walking course
Do you not take a walk through town of naturally favored Hamada of the sea, mountain on foot slowly?
We walk, and town which can go round tourist attractions while feeling air and scenery, cityscape every season is course.
※We revise thing which we published in "Hamada medical center information magazine smile & heart" March, 2016 issue - November, 2017 issue partly.
Recommended walking course (all courses)
It is course following footprint of famous "Yoshitake Miura" as Sakigake (leads) of flannel drip coffee while going round the highlight of cherry tree in Hamada-shi.
[area] Hamada area [distance] approximately 2.5km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] Hamada Castle Ruins and Park, Hamada Castle Ruins, Yoshitake Miura Monument, Cherry Blossoms in back of Hamada City Office
It is course around native district museum where indispensable Iwamikagura and a lot of history documents are kept in reciteing culture of native district of Hamada-shi.
[area] Hamada area [distance] approximately 2.0km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] Donchichi Kagura Clock Tower, Hamada-shi native district museum, JR Hamada Station Local Souvenir Lounge citizen salon
We are appointed to Chinese nature trail course and are course over cityscape of Tang bell district where red cement tiles (Iwami tile) letting Kokufu shore and Iwami where the shore of sand bar leads to as for approximately 1km feel line up.
[area] Hamada area [distance] approximately 2.5km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen, Kokufu Beach, Iwami tatami mat ka ura, Fish Shop Nakada
It is course around temples connected with Matsusaka feudal clan (existing Matsusaka-shi, Mie) where Hamada-shi and historic edge are deep with Hamada Castle trace as departure and arrival place.
[area] Hamada area [distance] approximately 3.4km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] The House of House of Hamada Castle Ruins, Gokurakuji, Kanonji, precious stone, Chang'an
It is course around around Hamada fishing port while enjoying Japanese seascape. We cross Hamada Marine Bridge which is symbol of fisheries city, Hamada.
[area] Hamada area [distance] approximately 4.8km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] Shimane Fish Center, Hamada Marine Bridge, Hofuku-ji Temple
It is recommended course in spring season around the highlight of cherry blossoms of Asahicho, Hamada-shi. You can enjoy row of cherry blossom trees opening in quiet scenery.
[area] Asahi area [distance] approximately 5.0km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] Asahi Atlethic Park, Manten Plaza Convenience Store
Senior aiming at the temple floor mountain range top as departure and arrival point points Kanagicho, Hamada-shi niarukanagi western riding park and is walking course.
[area] Kaneshiro area [distance] approximately 3.0km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] kanagi western riding park motorcycle Shinto shrine
It is old huge tree of Yasakacho, Hamada-shi and course around village forest. Nagayasu Hachimangu Cedar Grove of prefecture designation natural monument is the best part.
[area] Flourishing endlessly area [distance] approximately 6.0km [the time required] approximately 90-120 share
[tourist attraction] Nagayasu Hachimangu Cedar Grove, 「Yokina Kariudo」Café and Kitchen
It is course around village of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, Iwami standard size Japanese paper of Hamada-shi Misumi town. Do you not go round studios of Iwami Japanese paper brought up in environment that is full of nature with an ocean view?
[area] Misumi area [distance] approximately 7.5km [the time required] approximately 120 minutes
[tourist attraction] Needle is mountain Park Sekishu Washi Center, stone original art museum, too
It is walking course around Hamada mercantile port around Hamada Port Fukui Wharf. Please feel quiet coastal scenery to wave slowly and comfortable sea breeze.
[area] Hamada area [distance] approximately 5.4km [the time required] approximately 60-90 share
[tourist attraction] Yoshiaki Hinoshita Kagura shop, Nagahama Tenman-gu Shrine
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