National Natural Treasure Iwami Tatamigaura


Iwami tatami mat ka ura (we look at rock, and tatami mat is sold) which is appointed to natural monument of country.
We can walk on seeing stratum approximately 16 million years ago when we pass through tunnel.
Can look at fossil of innumerable shellfishs or fossil of whale there, by erosion of wave
We cannot see in usual times including done chair-formed rock (nojuru) and trace of magma
The world spreads out.


From JR Shimoko Station a 15-minute walk
From JR Hamada Station a 15-minute walk from bus stop "1,000 tatami Land Exit" for the Gotsu area getting off
Kokubucho, Hamada-shi, Shimane
Phone number
0855-24-1085 (Hamada-shi tourist association)
Regular holiday, business hours
Year round
Parking lot
Several (200 yen/)
Facilities, service
Public toilet existence
On holiday, volunteer guide is resident on Sunday at entrance,
You can guide free. ※From 9:00 to 15:00 (except from July to August, from December to February)
We can thoroughly enjoy "Iwami tatami mat ka ura" by 120% by using the first one!
For more details, please see this.
★If condition is good, it is such wonderful superb view photo spot that we can take a picture of.

2017 Hamada-shi digital photocontest 2017 grand prix work
"There is title cormorant salt lake here of Shimane uni-!" / shooting: Haruna Mori
We look for in area
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