Kaneshiro area

Kaneshiro area
Kaneshiro area
Kaneshiro area MAP
Highlight 1 Hot spring resort that is represented in beautiful woman hot water, Mimata Onsen. It is healed by melty hot water and eats delicious meal and is refreshed!
Highlight 2 When it is spring, we can thoroughly enjoy downright strawberry picking, pione hunting that it is large when it is autumn and seasonal fruit!
Highlight 3 It is pappakapan horseback! Contact with horse which had gentle eyes has therapy effect. Horseback riding and bait spear experience are recommended!
Highlight 4 As for mentioning great achievement and wisdom of ancient people in three great man "Hogetsu Shimamura" of Kaneshiro "Hiroshi Nomi" ground related to "okahonjin*eimon"◎
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