[to all of travel agencies] Information for winter season Iwami attracting tourist furtherance business subsidy system

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 Information for winter season Iwami attracting tourist furtherance business subsidy system

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In sightseeing in Iwami promotion meeting for the purpose of invitation expansion of tourist to winter season Iwami area,
We issue subsidy for trip companies developing land for package tour product doing sokyaku to Iwami area.
After checking subsidy grant summary, application style, please apply.



[target company]

Travel agency which receives registration based on rule of Travel Agent Act Article 3


[target business]

We say with the next "offer type plan trip" to meet all the requirements or "trip to order type plan".
(1) Being trip to leave Shimane outside the prefecture
(2) Calling plan that is more than one place such as tourist facilities in Iwami area more than an accommodation night in Iwami area,
   Or is more than two places such as tourist facilities in Iwami area; drop in; and in higher than meal offer facility one place
   Being plan including meal
(3) Thing that drops in, and is received issuance of receipt of certificate or facility of facility
(4) The constitution number of people of 1 group being more than 15
(5) Being trip to leave after December 1, 2018, and to result by February 28, 2019
(6) For trip product to intend for, do not receive Shimane reservations bus trip product creation support project subsidy


[sum of subsidy] (as for the supporting ceiling in 1 office 100,000 yen)

 ・Thing 50,000 yen with accommodation that is more than in Iwami area in a night
 ・There is not accommodation in Iwami area (one-day tour, accommodation out of the area); 20,000 yen


[application reception desk]

Until Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (accept as soon as total supporting amounts of money reaches the amount of budget, and is finished)


[reference materials]

Please confirm subsidy grant summary, application style than WEB "good old country Ishimi".


[application, inquiry]

Sightseeing in Iwami promotion meeting (sightseeing in citizens of West Shimane center business and industry sightseeing department promotion inside of a section) charge: Kijima
〒690-0041 254, Kataniwacho, Hamada-shi, Shimane
TEL 0855-29-5647 FAX 085-22-5306
E-mail seibu-kankou@pref.shimane.lg.jp



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