From Saturday, October 6 to Wednesday, December 5 ★Iwami restaurant bus service! !

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 Iwami restaurant bus

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"Iwami restaurant bus" which ran for from January, 2018 to March
We came home! !Downright 2 stories that has only three in Japan
Of "person, meal, scenery" to be able to come across on bus only in Iwami
Let's go for trip to taste season♪



[by Iwami restaurant bus?]

Ask for line ... now to choose here, and to come true, and to eat season; ...

We want you to know Iwami (you look at rock) district of San-in more and yet more. We want you to enjoy. We want you to taste.
Wide area cooperates company engaged in tourism industry from such thought, producer engaged in agriculture and forestry fishery and the government,
We operate restaurant bus of topic boiling, extreme popularity in here Iwami in Japan.

Please enjoy "special time" at this opportunity.


 ◎What is restaurant bus?

 The first floor becomes kitchen and enjoys meal in the second-floor seat of the open top while visiting sightseeing spot,
 First Japanese 2-story sightseeing bus. Trip that dishes using local seasonal ingredients and scenery of beautiful Ishimi are special
 We direct this.

 Point 1 the first floor is fully equipped with kitchen facilities. There is big window and can observe state of cooking from the outside, too.

 Seven tables of woodgraining that point 2 the second floor is facing each other, capacity is 25 people
       We can overlook scenery from height more than 3m above the ground.

 Point 3 openable open roof creates space full of open feeling.
       We can enjoy atmosphere of open bar restaurant in the daytime at opening cafe, night.


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[as for the provided dishes?]

Super popular Japanese restaurant "*nari" (unbleached) of Tokyo is produced.
We finish rich ingredients of the Ishimi district to one dish of impression for prominent technique and sense of beauty.
Tradition industrial art object "Ishimi ware" and traditional technique and originality proud of to the world in business for 200 years bring
Using container of "Iwami tile", we create quality of Ishimi. Attractive scenery of Iwami,
Please enjoy the best meal with meal, person.

 We close appetizer mackerel kelp and drain / Satsumaage / pumpkin woodcut print soaked in / Gotsu maru princess pork sound of boiling water in a teakettle / Kamaboko sake lees
 Stewed foods stewed conger eel / enlightened emperor stewed / wasabi
 Ceramic ware Gotsu maru princess pork ginger roasting / and straw or one set of shuto steamed / vegetable
 Meal sea bream Uzume-meshi / incense thing
 Sweetness Onan-cho cheesecake tomato jam

 ※It is restaurant bus in regular course, reserved course, some specialties
  Original menu (4,000 yen equivalency) is included in the course price.
 ※Menu may be changed by the stocking situation.


[service period, course]

From Saturday, October 6, 2018 to Wednesday, December 5
 ※Course varies according to the dates.


 The Iwami restaurant bus course details

 The Iwami restaurant bus course details

 Iwami restaurant bus schedule calendar and others


[list of courses]

You have a choice between the following course.

... regular course ...

◎Gotsu course (tour fare:) tax-included 10,800 yen ()
 "Meat, fish, vegetables, industrial art object, it is had everything! Gotsu whole tour"
  We get high evaluation from brand pork "Princess circle pork" and the freshness of Gotsu-shi in discerning market
  As for the Ishimi ware learning from seafood of truth sum fishery, high sugar content tomato cultivated in original technique, folkcraft person,
  We send good person of excellent potato of Gotsu entirely.

  <the departure date>
  Saturday, October 6, Saturday, October 13, Saturday, October 21, Sunday, November 25
   ※Please choose "in the afternoon" "in the morning" from two time in every day.

Trip Gotsu Station Truth sum fishery
Production association
City ・ of dance
Sun pico depression
Miyauchi kiln Tree of worth
Tomato farm
Gotsu Station
The morning 8:45                   13:00
The afternoon 13:45                   18:00


◎Hamada course (tour fare:) tax-included 10,800 yen ()
 "Trip to meet master craftsman whom Hamada is proud of to the world for the unit-related fish shop third generation to stand out"
  Nishida paper manufacture place to tie Kametani ceramics to produce Iwami tiles proud of to the world more than founding 200 years, traditional Iwami Japanese paper to in the future,
  Fresh fish wholesale willow fisheries to value a certain traditional vigor meeting business. By encounter with craftsmen who are particular about genuine article,
  Both stomach and heart are sure that is met, thing.

  <the departure date>
  Sunday, October 7, Sunday, October 14, Sunday, November 11, Saturday, November 24, Saturday, December 1
   ※Please choose "in the afternoon" "in the morning" from two time in every day.

Willow fisheriesKametani ceramicsJapanese paper

Trip Hamada Station Kametani ceramics Malin Ohashi Willow fisheries Nishida paper manufacture place Hamada Station
The morning 9:30                   13:30
The afternoon 14:00                   18:00


... reservations knight course ...

◎Hamada course (tour fare: more than 8,800 yen (tax-included) ※ 14)
 "We enjoy exquisite course dishes and night view of special Hamada"
  Only for plan these with exquisite course dishes of the popular Japanese restaurant "*nari" supervision in spite of being pleasure
  We pass through Malin Ohashi that we lighted up and enjoy night view of Hamada especially.
  Please use in single night of memory.

  <the departure date>
  Night of 10/6 - 12/5 ※Please request day you like.
   ※When the use with less than 14 people is hoped for, please consult.
   ※"Drink all-you-can-drink" is possible for +2,000 yen/.
   ※Aqua backyard tour (pay) is possible with option.

Malin OhashiHamada fishing port night viewyuuhi park Hamada night view

Trip Hamada Station Hamada Marine Bridge Around fishing port Road station yuuhi park Hamada Hamada Station

  ※We can make place (one place) of designation in Hamada-shi departure and arrival place.
  ※We accept request at time.


... specialty ...

There is specialty around Oda-shi and Masuda-shi, Tsuwano-cho and Onan-cho, too.
For more details, please see this flyer.


★Please see this about movie "nature kokekko" location tour.


[application method]

Apply from official homepage.



Iwami restaurant bus official site

<trip plan, conduct>
TEL 090-9680-8432 (from 9:00 to 17:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration fixed closing day))
MAIL tour@gpa-agri .com

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