Saturday, September 15 - 1/31 Thursday Kakureno Sato Yukari the 25th anniversary of the foundation present plan

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 The 25th anniversary of the foundation of Kakureno Sato Yukari present plan

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"Kakureno Sato Yukari" of Asahicho, Hamada-shi, Asahi Onsen
We reach the 25th anniversary of the foundation in November.
Present plan is held with everyday thanks.



[facility name]

Kakureno Sato Yukari (1006-1, Asahichokita, Hamada-shi)


[targeted for accommodation]

From Saturday, September 15, 2018 to Thursday, January 31, 2019



I hand lottery ticket to customer who is higher than primary schoolchild together with staying once during the period mentioned above.

 ★The lottery day middle of February, 2019



Kakureno Sato Yukari
 TEL 0855-45-1180



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