We began to sell "2019 Iwamikagura calendars"!

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 2019 Iwamikagura calendars

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"Iwamikagura calendar" of Hamada very popular every year
We started sale of calendar of opening in January, 2019 (Heisei 31)♪
Coterie in Hamada-shi appears in various programs every month!


[calendar specifications]

・A2 size (420*594mm)
・Full color, 13 pieces of spelling (cover +12 month)

January : "Hachiman" Hamada-shi staff Iwamikagura club
February : Among "Chinese Gods of four seasons" Iwamikagura end valley company
March : "Black mound" Iwamikagura Sufu young people preservation society
April : Among "southwesterners of Kyushu" Iwamikagura Kameyama Corporation
May : It is Nogami comfort company after "80 God"
June : Among "dust ring" Nishimura Kagura company
July : Among "Iwato" Iwamikagura Sano Kagura company
August : Among "Mount Oe" Iwamikagura Nagasawa Corporation
September : In "Yamato Takeru" Iwami mythical dance and music for the gods among shrines of the prefectural status
October : Among "kane*" Iwamikagura Nagahama Corporation
November : "Kashima" Hamada-shi staff Iwamikagura club
December : "Large snake" Iwamikagura Mikawa west Kagura preservation society


[amount of money]

1,100 yen (tax-included)


[order method]

You can order from Hamada-shi tourist association shopping site "hamatoku".

By telephone, FAX when wish to order, to 0855-28-7133 (common throughout telephone /FAX).
 Business hours: From 9:00 to 18:00


[about payment method]

(hamatoku) have a choice between credit card, bank transfer, C.O.D.


[delivery method]

(hamatoku) become delivery by ordinary mail out of the fixed form or home delivery.
 ※In the case of one, the order number provides ordinary mail out of the fixed form for postage 500 yen. Two or more home delivery (please note that postage 700 yen (Hokkaido, delivery to Okinawa become delivery in 1,300 yen).


 Hamada-shi tourist association special product sale place citizen salon
   〒697-0022 777-1, Asaicho, Hamada-shi JR Hamada Station 1F
   TEL/FAX 0855-28-7133

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