It is autumn on Saturday, October 13 [reservation required]! Let's eat saury

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 It is autumn! Let's eat saury

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We have fire by oneself! Are you burnt well?
Bake by charcoal fire, and is meal berudo with seasonal saury!
It is experience that is recommended to child who is lower than primary schoolchild♪
Please participate in families♪


[the date and time]

 Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 10:00 to 15:00


 Village Daikokuya (461-3, Misumichoshimokowa, Hamada-shi) of farmhouse vacation rental Kowa


[participation fee]
 500 yen per person  ※You are with lunch, and please bring drink.



 Fire is caused by oneself and we grill saury and eat.
 After lunch, we do harvest of perilla experience!


[application method]

Apply by telephone or email by Wednesday, October 10.


[application, inquiry]

 There is narrow margin tree easily; meeting
 TEL 090-3352-5720

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