Tanada Festival of 10/28 Sunday Muroya

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 Tanada Festival of Muroya

 Tanada Festival of Muroya

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In "Tanada of Muroya" chosen as 100 selections of Japanese Tanada
Annual festival is held every year.
Yoshiwara woodworking plant is opened to the public this year; as for the workshop!
Please enjoy in conjunction with Kagura in Tanada♪



[the date and time]

Sunday, October 28, 2018 from 9:30 to 15:30



Misumichomurodani, Hamada-shi (rice field of Muroya meeting place mountain side)

 ※Parking lot is limited. Please use free pick-up bus.
   (Tanada of JR Mihomisumi Station ⇔ stone original art museum ⇔ Muroya)



◎Stage schedule

9:30 - opening ceremony, festival report festival
10:15 child Kagura "*matsurigoto" (both damp land area child upbringing society)
In 10:55 Tanada Kagura "sword dance" (big city Kagura group) ※Gotsu-shi
11:30 field bayashi (light chisel now come)
12:00 hula (haraufuraorefuaura)
In 12:40 Tanada Kagura "Mount Oe" (big city Kagura group) ※Gotsu-shi
13:20 Tanada U.S. scoop once 200 yen  ※Child is twice
In 14:10 Tanada Kagura "large snake" (among both Yachikami comfort company)
15:00 closing ceremony, rice cake firewood

◎Tanada walk society
 Walk wagon train time ① 10:30 ② 11:30 ③ 13:30

◎Scarecrow village

◎Four seasons photo exhibition of Tanada

◎We open factory of Yoshiwara woodworking plant to the public
 "Do you not touch member of a group?!" Workshop holding!
 ・We mend member of a group roller coaster!
 ・We mend chopsticks of Yaku cedar!

◎Sale camp ground 10:00 ...
  yuuhi park Misumi, plain farming association, fruit sale mixed rice, pork miso soup, farm products sale, Tanada rice, local sake corner, light temple "takoyaki"


[free pick-up bus timetable]

<meeting service>

JR Mihomisumi Station Stone original art museum Tanada of Muroya
8:40 8:45 9:05
9:00 9:05 9:25
9:40 9:45 10:05
10:00 10:05 10:25
10:40 10:45 11:05
11:00 11:05 11:25
11:40 11:45 12:05
12:00 12:05 12:25
13:40 13:45 14:05
14:00 14:05 14:25



Tanada of Muroya Stone original art museum JR Mihomisumi Station
14:10 14:30 14:35
14:30 14:50 14:55
15:10 15:30 15:25 ※
15:40 16:00 16:05
16:00 16:25 16:20 ※

・※Flight is Tanada of Muroya of this → JR Mihomisumi Station → It stops in order of stone original art museum.
・We may be changed at service time.



Association of both valleys Residents' Association



General Hamada-shi tourist association
 TEL 0855-24-1085



 Model course
It rotates in Misumi area ♪ Recommendation course

Having spare time experience course of Iwami Japanese paper proud of to the world"Checkmark"

Visiting villages ... tradition technique ... of Iwamikagura "Checkmark"

Course around the ground related to fight of the second curtain long war Iwami Exit"Checkmark"

Course to enjoy by feeling happily over spring of Hamada"Checkmark"

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