Monday, October 1 - 11/30 Friday 2018 Hamada-shi X Onan-cho gourmet fair holding!

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 2018 Hamada-shi X Onan-cho gourmets fair

 2018 Hamada-shi X Onan-cho gourmets fair

 2018 Hamada-shi X Onan-cho gourmets fair

↑We click and increase (pdf:3 .1MB)




Eat recommended menu of Hamada-shi and Onan-cho,
Does wonderful present hit when we apply for stamp rally?
Please enjoy vaunted cooking that you used local ingredients for abundantly♪




From Monday, October 1, 2018 to Friday, November 30

  ※Application until Monday, December 10



We eat target menu of Hamada-shi and Onan-cho, and let's apply for stamp rally!
Present hits toward 20 people by lot!

・Hamada and ten pieces of hot spring bathing tickets set which is usable in Onan
・Ten pieces of kagura performed at night appreciation tickets set of Hamada
・Onan-cho Mizuho highland daily lift ticket


[participation store of Hamada-shi]

It is Japanese dishes mountain
Izakaya Osamu
Berry net cafe
Meshidokoro Gussan
Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen Restaurant Shiokaze
Shop Yamagen of sushi and eel
Hotel Matsuo
Sushi Katsu
French Restaurant Hanasoshi

  ※Please confirm target menu with brochure.

[application method]

Eat recommended dishes at 1 Hamada and gourmet fair participation store of Onan; and on application postcard stamp
  We get one by one.

If stamp of 2 two is prepared, we mail application postcard or we construct across participation store and apply.

 ※For details, please see brochure.



Sightseeing, the cultural exchange meeting secretariat through "meal" with Hamada-shi and Onan-cho
 TEL 0855-25-9202 (sightseeing in Hamada-shi interchange inside of a section)



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