11/11 Sunday Asahi hometown festival 2018

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 Asahi hometown festival 2018

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Industry festival of Asahicho, Hamada-shi is held!
Autumn day including spot sale and Iwamikagura of seasonal vegetables
Please enjoy♪
Hamada-shi PR ambassador, Yamazaki teijisammoyatte comes!



[the date and time]

Sunday, November 11, 2018 9:00 ...



Around Asahi Park citizen gymnasium (1007-4, Asahichoimaichi, Hamada-shi)

 <temporary parking lot>
  Asahi Atlethic Park (1378, Asahichoimaichi, Hamada-shi) ★Shuttle bus service
  Former Imaichi Elementary School school grounds (615, Asahichoimaichi, Hamada-shi) ※A 3-minute walk



◎Attraction (stage)

Brass band club performance in 9:00 opening, Asahi
9:20 Center for Early Childhood Education and Care ASAHI child garden stage
Presentation of all 9:40
10:20 Mizuho man with a clownish mask dance [the hail assistant company]
10:40 kids dance [KANAGI DANCE UNIT "FREE"]
11:05 corporation meeting tax quiz
11:30 Yamazaki teiji songs and ballads show (the first)
12:10 Iwamikagura presentation "Ebisu" [Marubara kagurashachu]
It is changing screens championship of pair pear pairwise at 12:50!
13:30 agriculture and forestry product competitive show, Asahi road race meet commendation ceremony
13:55 Yamazaki teiji songs and ballads show (the second)
14:35 Iwamikagura presentation "Orochi" [Marubara kagurashachu]
15:20 greetings, rice cake firewood

◎Agricultural show and spot sale society (general release, competitive show 9:00 ..., spot sale society 14:00 ...)

◎The 15th "root zaso Japanese radish test on the earth of hometown"

◎Correction exhibition (Asahi branch garage, Asahi center)

◎Health promotion corner (health center)

◎Outdoor tent corner

◎We experience earthquake with vibromotive car! ※Rainy weather cancellation



Asahi hometown festival executive committee


 Model course
It rotates in Asahi area ♪ Recommendation course

Course that enjoys quiet Asahicho among nature"Checkmark"

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