11/10 Saturday ishishuwakamikobo circulation

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 Visiting Iwami Japanese paper studios

 Visiting Iwami Japanese paper studios

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Of Iwami Japanese paper registered with UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
It is tour to take a walk through studio. Visiting each studio
Please enjoy special experience full of variety♪



[the date and time]

Saturday, November 10, 2018

 From 10:00 to 15:30


[reception desk]

Sekishu Washi Center (589, Misumichofuruichiba, Hamada-shi) ※Reception hours from 10:00 to 13:00


[participation fee]

Free (experience charges of each studio are necessary separately.)


[studio eyeball event]

Iwami Japanese paper Kubota Japanese paper print A4 size 500 yen/piece ※Take photograph data

Nishida Japanese paper studio way of drawing a picture on the water, marbling 500 yen/piece

Nishida paper manufacture place papermaking and contact experience with goat and chicken

        Postcard, luncheon mat, colored paper, envelope 500 yen/piece

Kawahira    300 yen/ made with canned original batch, magnet

★Privilege ★ In one that had you rotate more than three among four studios,
Can use in Sekishu Washi Center; "postcard size (two pieces) making paper by hand Japanese paper free trial ticket
We give (expiration date: on March 31, 2019)!



Sekishu Washi Center
 TEL 0855-32-4170



 Model course
It rotates in Misumi area ♪ Recommendation course

Having spare time experience course of Iwami Japanese paper proud of to the world"Checkmark"

Visiting villages ... tradition technique ... of Iwamikagura "Checkmark"

Course around the ground related to fight of the second curtain long war Iwami Exit"Checkmark"

Course to enjoy by feeling happily over spring of Hamada"Checkmark"

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