See 2018 on 11/10 Saturday, 11 Sunday; corner Festival

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 See 2018; corner Festival

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Festival of the Heisei last!
We see ..., and let's enjoy charm of corner! ...
There is enka ballad singer, Yamazaki teijisanno songs and ballads show, too♪



[the date and time]

Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 9:00 to 16:00
    Sunday, November 11 from 9:00 to 15:00



Hiroshi Park multi-purpose open space (586, Misumichofuruichiba, Hamada-shi) out of Misumi


[event schedule]

Saturday, November 10

9:05 Misumi Elementary School drums and fifes parade
School brass band club out of 9:35 Misumi
10:00 opening of a meeting ceremony
10:20 PR thyme
10:30 field bayashi (Sufu ground, Oyata bayashi preservation society)
11:00 calligraphy performance
We are proud of throat at 11:30
Yamazaki teiji songs and ballads show from Ambassador 13:00 Hamada-shi PR, Misumi town
Sour orange orchid which has thick prefecture large good point at 14:00
14:30 thiadance (we look at ☆ thia☆ kids aqua plonk and finish)
We see at 14:40, and corner Sports Club kids dance ("O. K.crew ")
15:00 Iwamikagura (Okazaki kagurashachu) ... Ebisu, Jinrin


Sunday, November 11

9:00 long jump rope meet
9:40 slippers tobashi championship
10:05 Hamada-shi firefighting team musical band
10:30 nursery school dance (at ease kids)
10:45 dance (mandarina)
11:00 south side drum
11:20 agriculture and forestry product competitive show
11:40 Misumi or rice cake firewood
12:30 9T1 kichiokakakai feat
13:30 K-POP dance (biBitto closing)
14:00 Iwamikagura (Inokagura) ... Hachiman, Orochi


The Misumi Festival executive committee secretariat
(Misumi branch industry construction section)
TEL 0855-32-2803


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