Under 2018-2019 season ticket sale! (Asahi Tengston Snow Park)

  330 times of indication

Under Asahi Tengu stone season ticket sale



Ski, snowboarding to Asahi Tengston Snow Park♪
We are selling advantageous season ticket now!



[sale period]

Friday, October 19, 2018 - season end


[target facility]

Asahi Tengston Snow Park
 (7600, Asahichoichigi, Hamada-shi)



Season ticket (all lift gondola free-to-ride in business hours)

・Child (first grader - twelfth grader) 11,000 yen

・Adult             22,000 yen

・Senior (50 years old or older)      16,500 yen

・Grand senior (65 years old or older) 15,000 yen

  ※Age as of December 27, 2018



1 lift 1-day ticket, free complimentary ticket one piece present

 ※It is available regardless of age.

Ticket one piece present at half price for 2 lift one day

 ※We can purchase one piece of lift ticket at half price of normal lift rate.

3 smile ski resort special treatments

 "Yuzawa Nakazato sunorizoto" of smile ski resort "muikasunorizoto,"
"Maiko Snow resort" "two Knox Snow parks" "Cupid valley,"
Lift 1-day ticket of "Kurumayama-kogen skiing area" is available with courtesy rate.

 Each skiing area adult 1-day ticket 1,000 yen
  ※Only as for the person of the season ticket purchase


[application method, the details]

Apply by the Internet or mail.

 The details this (Asahi Tengston Snow Park formula homepage)



Asahi Tengston Snow Park
 TEL 0855-47-0101



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