[Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen] Information for boshinnenkai plan

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 [Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen] Information for boshinnenkai plan

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Sukiyaki hotpot of queen crab or natural Ankounabe
It is plan only by Hamada!
Please enjoy boshinnenkai in Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen♪



[facility name]

Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen (2164, Shimokoucho, Hamada-shi)


[boshinnenkai plan]

◎Of 5400 yen per person crab hotpot course (tax-included)

 Small appetizer crab vegetables with dressing
 Four kinds of fish of made Hamada season
 Large pan crab sukiyaki hotpot
 Fried food crab tempura
 Meal udon or Zosui
 Fruit of liquid season

◎Eat up Japanese seafood; of 3000 yen per person banquet dishes (tax-included)

 Vegetables with dressing of small appetizer squid
 Three kinds of made seasonal fish
 Stewed foods angelfish Jibuni 
 Grilled dish vatu taiyuen*
 Cooker crab sukiyaki hotpot
 Fried food taste tempura
 We keep and are made with bowl clear soup
 Meal tako *komi rice
 Fruit of liquid season

◎Of 4320 yen per person natural Ankounabe course (tax-included)

 Small appetizer an kammamefu
 Height of three kinds of made Hamada Port seasonal fish
 Grilled dish angelfish citrus grilled
 Large pan Ankounabe specially made miso stock
 Deep-fried fried food angler
 Meal Zosui
 Height of three kinds of things of Konomono season
 Dessert of liquid season

・Lunch, dinner is available together.
・Of 2000 yen per person all-you-can-drink plan two hours (tax-included)

★Group use privilege (reservation-limited that is higher than ten people)
 ①Pickup and drop-off for free in Hamada-shi ※Reservation required
 ②Banquet karaoke for free ※Reservation required
 ③Fine view bath bathing for free (with face towel)
 ④Drink rate 10% discount



Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen
 TEL 0855-28-1255


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