From October to February "twilight express consummate performance" service information

  514 times of indication

Consummate performance _ Hamada Station




"Hotel runs in beautiful Japan," but of concept
It is service information of "TWILIGHT EXPRESS consummate performance".
Of Hamada including shoreline of the magnificent Sea of Japan and beautiful mountain range is splendid
We run through San'in Main Line backed by scenery.



[service information]

It is service information (plan) until from October, 2018 to February, 2019.

◆Sanyo, San-in tour course

<service day> ※On Thursday
 October ... 4th, 11th, 25th
 November ... 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
 December ... 6th, 13th, 20th
 January ... 10th, 17th
 February ... 14th, 21st, 28th

<passage time>
 Arrival at JR Hamada Station 5:40, at 5:45

◆San-in course (descent)

<service day> ※On Sunday
 October ... 7th
 November ... 11th, 18th
 December ... 16th
 January ... no
 February ... 17th

<passage time>
 Arrival at JR Hamada Station 5:32, at 5:37
 Yuhi Park Misumi about 6:00

◆San-in course (the up)

<service day> ※On Monday
 October ... 8th, 15th
 November ... no
 December ... 17th
 January ... 21st
 February ... 4th, 18th

<passage time>
 JR Hamada Station 13:33
 Yuhi Park Misumi about 13:12


[shooting point]

"TWILIGHT EXPRESS consummate performance" from Orii Coast about Yuhi Park Misumi,
It runs at reduced speed as View Point. We see near and take a picture
It is recommended spot.

Consummate performance _ Yuhi Park Misumi



In the case of welcome and shooting of twilight express consummate performance,
We follow the next manner, and let's enjoy comfortably each other safely!
Protector is careful about child enough, and please consider in particular so that there is not accident.

◎Let's stop getting closer to the track side from train, track, railroad crossing, yellow line on home
◎As on-the-street parking is illegal, let's certainly stop
◎As welcome on street is very dangerous, let's perform by all means at safe place of the neighborhood including the sidewalk and open space
◎Let's stop entering private land and railroad site without permission
◎As chase shooting that we run after train is dangerous, let's stop
◎Let's stop littering such as garbage cigarettes


[application, inquiry of consummate performance]

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