Iwamikagura class of Saturday, October 13 [application required] Hamada

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 Flyer (table) of Iwamikagura class of Hamada-shi, Shimane, Hamada

 Flyer (the back) of Iwamikagura class of Hamada-shi, Shimane, Hamada

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It is held on Sunday, October 14 [Iwamikagura certification examination of the seventh Hamada]
It is prior class of this. We participate and OK one except examinee!
Do you not learn Iwamikagura of Hamada happily?



[the date and time]

Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 13:30 to 17:00



Hamada-shi synthesis welfare center (859-1, Nobaracho, Hamada-shi)


[participation fee]

Free of charge


[contents (plan)]

★About "technique of Iwami kagura performer and the step"
 ... which we support ... tradition and culture and learn from viewpoint as local local industry
 Lecturer: Katsuro Kakita (Kakita Katsuro Mask Factory representative)

★About "characteristic, program, priest's implement of Iwamikagura of Hamada"
 ... which we learn about priest's implements which winding hand holds in hand other than characteristic of Iwamikagura of ... Hamada, role, character, the highlight in area

★Kagura apparel dressing experience meeting



We use "Iwamikagura of guidebook Hamada".
 On the day please reserve purchase one desired with application as you sell in venue.


[application method]

Apply for window by bringing or FAX or mail after filling out matter necessary for application by Friday, September 14.


[application, inquiry]

Hamada Chamber of Commerce and Industry General Administration Division
 TEL 0855-22-3025
 FAX 0855-22-5400
 〒697-0027 124-2, Tonomachi, Hamada-shi




 Model course
We go round Hamada areas ♪ Recommendation course

HAPPY course looking for three happiness in the sea of Hamada "Checkmark"

Visiting villages ... tradition technique ... of Iwamikagura "Checkmark"

Course around the ground related to fight of the second curtain long war Iwami Exit "Checkmark"

Course around Hamada temple related to feudal clan "Checkmark"

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