Saturday, July 14 - 12/24 (month, shin) Iwami tour stamp rally "iwamikururi"

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 Iwami tour stamp rally "iwamikururi"

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To attendant of trip "iwamikururi"♪
At store targeted for stamp rally using meal, souvenir purchase, accommodation, day trip bath,
Let's get "Iwami stamp" from shop! If stamp becomes BINGO all together,
Wonderful product of Iwami is presented by lot♪



[conduct period]
 From Saturday, July 14, 2018 to December 24 (month, shin)

[the application deadline]
 Postmark is effective on Monday, December 31, 2018

[application method]
 You collect stamps on mount in flyer and, after filling out necessary matter including address, full name, cut mount than flyer, and you put 62-yen stamp, and please apply.
 Please fill in "store number" that you stamped with stamp.

 ★There is flyer in JR Hamada station square Hamada-shi tourist association. Please drop in casually♪

[area, target store]
 Please apply visiting target stores in West Shimane (the Ishimi district).
  The details are this

 Target store in ... Hamada-shi introduction ~


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 We stamp even ... kagura performed at night and get! ...


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 We exchange announcement of elected candidate with shipment of product.

[# iwamikururi contribution campaign]
  Soak "# iwamikururi", and look at rock; around participation facility and your recommended spot photograph
  Let's post on Instagram! It is Iwamikagura goods for 20 people by lot from one that had you post
 We present (figure skating, clear file or seal)!

[inquiry, the details]
 Sightseeing in Iwami promotion meeting (sightseeing in citizens of West Shimane center business and industry sightseeing department promotion section)
 〒697-0041 254, Kataniwacho, Hamada-shi, Shimane
 TEL: 0855-29-5647 FAX: 0855-22-5306

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