8/15 Wednesday 32nd flourishing endlessly oldness and festival

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 The 32nd flourishing endlessly oldness and festival

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Fireworks launched overhead are force perfect scores!
Yamazaki teijisammoyattekimasu of Hamada PR ambassador!
Please enjoy good old "meal" and "culture" in flourishing endlessly♪



[the date and time]

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 from 15:30 to 20:10



Event open space (542-1, Yasakachonagayasuhongo, Hamada-shi) in front of Hamada-shi government office flourishing endlessly branch


[contents (schedule)]

We declare the Chairperson - practice opening of a meeting at 15:30
15:35 - field bayashi (field bayashi preservation society)
16:00 - oldness and slope friend, love, * (Anjo, mallet bunch town planning promotion Committee)
16:15 - rice cake firewood 
16:25 - hometown group show (mitusba club)
16:45 - songs and ballads show (singer) from Yamazaki teiji (Hamada-shi)
18:00 - Iwamikagura (communication meeting (mallet bunch Kagura company) out of flourishing endlessly Kagura company)
19:20 - Bon festival dance [Japanese dancing of simple style] (Bon festival dance preservation society)
19:35 - flourishing endlessly leading
19:45 - Bon festival dance [dance not to be given boom] (flourishing endlessly dance promotion society not to be given boom)
20:00 - skyrocket

Contact corner
・Eating and drinking branch with local village, group
・PR, sale of special product



Flourishing endlessly oldness and festival executive committee


Hamada-shi government office flourishing endlessly branch industry construction section
TEL 0855-48-2112


 Model course
It rotates in flourishing endlessly area ♪ Recommendation course

Grasshopper experience & making soba experience course spacious in mountain village"Checkmark"

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