[recruitment of people from branch] Sea-1 gourmet Festival 2018

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 Recruitment of people from Sea-1 gourmet Festival 2018 branch flyer

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With BB size pan Festival held on Saturday, November 3
"Sea-1 gourmet festival" that we hold at the same time every year
It recruits people from branch of event this year! !



[on the date]

Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 9:00 to 16:00 (plan)



Shimane Fish Center side event site (3050-46, Haraicho, Hamada-shi)


[application method]

Apply after filling out branch application, required document to the secretariat by Friday, September 28.
 ※As you send branch summary, please contact the secretariat of mention by telephone, FAX, email as follows.


[branch charges]

Free of charge


[branch essential point]

Of new product gourmet who had you deepen understanding for fish food, and utilized "San-in Hamada Port" marine product
We promote development and hold "Sea-1 gourmet Festival" for the purpose of activation of fishery.
We provide dishes using marine product and raise seijo geteitadakeru company, groups by event.

 ◆Company, group which provides dishes using target "San-in Hamada Port" marine product
 ◆Branch rate and various fee for use (basic facilities, water supply): Free of charge
  ・One tent per 1 division, desk two, chair three are attached.
  ・Please refer for additional equipment.
  ・Please offer propane gas by each person.
  ・When firearms are used, by all means of fire extinguisher (for duties) offer, and I would like bringing.
 ◆Branch participation qualification and rule
  ・We are made using "San-in Hamada Port" marine product (marine product unloaded in Hamada fishing port)
  ・We can suggest as feature of Hamada-shi. But thing using marine product only in stock, seasoning is impossible
  ・The number of branch products assumes sales price to 500 yen for one item.
  ・It is said that sale of drinks (containing alcohols) is impossible.
  ・We decide to consent to public (introduction to mention or restaurant to brochures) such as recipes of branch product.
  ・By vote by buyer of branch product, we decide the grand prix, the associate grand prix.
   ※Please refer for the details.



The Sea-1 gourmet Festival executive committee secretariat
 (Hamada-shi industry Economic Department fisheries promotion inside of a section)
 TEL 0855-25-9520 FAX 0855-23-3701
 E-mail suisan@city.hamada.lg.jp



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