Shimane Super ambassador, Yoshida publicizes "Iwamikagura" by animation! !

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Yoshida who is familiar in animation "secret society Guinea pepper."
Yoshida acts as Shimane Super ambassador (advertising manager)!
Of "Iwamikagura" which such Yoshida introduces humorously
Short animation! We must see it!




We tell Iwamikagura of Yoshida!



Five minutes 12 seconds


[spot of Hamada-shi coming out to animation]

Kagura performed at night weekend performance (Sannomiya Shrine) of Hamada

  Access : It is two minutes by car from Hamada Expressway Hamada IC
         Is car than JR Hamada Station; seven minutes
  The location  : 1571, Aioicho, Hamada-shi

Shimane Prefectural Shimane ocean building aqua

  Access : Is car than Sanin Expressway Gotsu road Hamada east IC; six minutes
         From JR Hashi Station a 10-minute walk
         "In front of aqua" for JR Gotsu Station getting off is immediate than JR Hamada Station
  The location  : 1117-2, Kushirocho, Hamada-shi

Fantastic railroad inheritance "Hirohama railroad Imafuku line"

  Access : It is dotted with prefectural road 301 goen inadoni starting from JR Shimoko Station.
  The location  : Shimokoucho, Hamada-shi, Kamikoucho, Sanocho, Kanagicho



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