8/14 Tuesday 36th Mikawa summer festival

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Approximately 300 skyrockets color night sky of Mikawa this year!
With presentation or songs and ballads show of Iwamikagura summer of Mikawa
Please enjoy♪



[the date and time]

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 17:00 ... ※In rainy day, we cancel fireworks



Sufu River riverbed (Uchidacho, Hamada-shi) in front of the Hamada City fourth junior high school


[event schedule]

17:00 start BGM stand village OPEN!
17:15 Iwamikagura [Iwamikagura Kameyamashachu]
18:50 ① DANCE [Pop' n Star]
19:15 ② dance [rantomu]
Dance [meteor love having thick Iwami good point] that has thick 19:30 ③ good point
19:40 ④ hula [haraufuraorefuaura]
19:50 sponsor greetings
20:00 fun lottery
... from 20:30 skyrocket - approximately 300
20:40 Yamazaki teiji songs and ballads show
21:30 Iwamikagura [Iwamikagura Kameyamashachu]
23:15 end



Mikawa summer festival executive committee



Mikawa public hall



 Model course
We go round Hamada areas ♪ Recommendation course

HAPPY course looking for three happiness in the sea of Hamada "Checkmark"

Visiting villages ... tradition technique ... of Iwamikagura "Checkmark"

Course around the ground related to fight of the second curtain long war Iwami Exit "Checkmark"

Course around Hamada temple related to feudal clan "Checkmark"

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