ga "still took office as 2018 sightseeing ambassadors"♪

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Sightseeing ambassador Hamada alternating function (2018 Iwami beaches native summer festival)


Publicize Hamada-shi; "still as for the sightseeing ambassador"
We have selection party on the other day, and two 2018 ambassadors are decided,
By Iwami beach native summer festival on Saturday, August 4 alternating function
We performed.



2018 sightseeing ambassadors still

 2018 sightseeing ambassadors are still moon Castle hemp batter

 Moon Castle hemp batter (tsukijomai) 
 20 years old born in February 3, 1998

 Triggered by entrance into a school of higher grade to university two years ago to Hamada-shi. It was the ground where we did not have much till then,
 Person of Hamada worries about rice very kindly, and call out when you support
 He/she gives, and there are many opportunities felt that we are supported by local person and are watched.
 We want to send charm of Hamada-shi that noticed while we spend time in Hamada-shi.


 2018 sightseeing ambassadors are still Sora Fushimi green

 Sora Fushimi green (we lie down and see and eat not crowded) 
 18 years old born in July 24, 1999

 We are from Fukushima. We were impressed to come to Shimane for the first time for seaview which we watched from university.
 To people by charm of Hamada-shi that we saw from new viewpoint as we were in Tohoku all this while of the whole country
 We want to tell.



  From Saturday, August 4, 2018 to Saturday, August 3, 2019   

[about dispatch of ambassador]

  Please use "sightseeing ambassador has not yet come" for activities to lead to each sightseeing-related event and image enhancement of Hamada-shi.
  "Sightseeing ambassador has not yet come" performs activity to advocate below.

  ① We send information about Hamada-shi and contribute to image enhancement of city.

  ② We cooperate with event that Hamada-shi hosts.

  ③ When we were invited for the purpose of PR of Hamada-shi in event that other municipalities host, we participate in it and cooperate.

  ④ By sending attractive information of Hamada to home and abroad as backbone by the history and culture, industry of Hamada-shi,
     We plan image enhancement of Hamada-shi and perform activity that is recognized as need to achieve purpose to contribute to development of further Hamada.

  ◆As for those whom we wish to dispatch, as for "the sightseeing ambassador, as for "the sightseeing ambassador, entry, presentation of dispatch wish still" still, please after checking dispatch rule" the following.

   We still dispatch, and sightseeing ambassador is prescribed. pdf

   Sightseeing ambassador is still request for dispatch. pdf

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