About business hours change of Tuesday, August 14 - 17 Friday JR Hamada Station IF special product sale place, citizen's salon

We change business hours of JR Hamada Station 1F special product sale place, citizen salon as follows during tray period on - 17 Friday on Tuesday, August 14. Please use as shopping and souvenir.
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ga "still took office as 2018 sightseeing ambassadors"♪

Publicize Hamada-shi; there was selection fair, and two 2018 Ambassador was decided, and "sightseeing ambassador still" performed alternating function by Iwami Beach native summer festival on Saturday, August 4 the other day.
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Thank you for your support to 2018 Iwami beaches native Festival. (list of support companies)

To 2018 Iwami beaches native Festival, we had the support than many citizen's all of you and all of large number of companies, groups. We give thanks heartily here.
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From Wednesday, August 22 to Sunday, December 2 "Shimane native cafe" 2018

Sightseeing in Shimane character "Shimane native" produces cafe ♪ Let's go to meet "Shimane native" who made shop and collaboration of Tokyo and Shimane! !
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"Manhole card" of - Hamada-shi is distributed on Saturday, August 11!

Manhole of Hamada-shi comes up to the "manhole card" which can collect manhole lid full of national design eighth! When you visited Hamada-shi, please get♪
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Shimane Super ambassador, Yoshida publicizes "Iwamikagura" by animation! !

Yoshida who is familiar in animation "secret society Guinea pepper." Yoshida acts as Shimane Super ambassador (advertising manager)! Short animation of "Iwamikagura" which such Yoshida introduces humorously! We must see it!
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[recruitment of people from branch] Sea-1 gourmet Festival 2018

BB size pan Festival held on Saturday, November 3 and "Sea-1 gourmet festival" holding at the same time every year recruit people of branch of event this year! !
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★Let's enjoy at beach of Hamada! Activity of the sea♪

We introduce activity of the sea which we can experience at each beach of Hamada-shi. Please enjoy special experience only for summer including surfing banana boat canoe♪
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Saturday, July 14 - 12/24 (month, shin) Iwami tour stamp rally "iwamikururi"

To attendant of trip "iwamikururi" ♪ At store targeted for stamp rally, let's get "Iwami stamp" from shop using meal, the souvenir purchase, accommodation, day trip bath! If stamp becomes BINGO all together, wonderful product of Iwami is presented by lot♪
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[attendance straight offer] September opening of a course, "still, oh, citizen's guide" training course

Memory "still citizen's guide" training course begins in Hamada opening the Edo shogunate 400. Do you not challenge sightseeing volunteer guide performing guidebook of "Hamada Shiroyama" and "Tonoura" (inheritance of Japan)?
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