From October to February "twilight express consummate performance" service information

"Hotel runs in beautiful Japan," but is service information of "TWILIGHT EXPRESS consummate performance" of concept. We run through San'in Main Line backed by splendid scenery of Hamada including shoreline of the magnificent Sea of Japan and beautiful mountain range.
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[Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen] Information for group lunch plan

Lunch of group to Shimokoucho, Hamada-shi, Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen ♪ We make reservation more than ten people more. Bathing charges of fine-view large communal bath where the Sea of Japan is seen by the use of lunch are free!
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Under 2018-2019 season ticket sale! (Asahi Tengu stone Snow park)

Ski, snowboarding to Asahi Tengu stone Snow park ♪ We are selling advantageous season ticket now!
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[Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen] Information for natural angelfish banquet dishes, pan course

In fact, popular Shimane! Catch of fish is Japan how, and "angelfish" Hamada-shi is the second place! You are plump, and please have angelfish with full of collagen in Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen♪
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[work offer] The sea of aqua asking the 17th postcard for *

Let's draw a lot of colors, a lot of seas of aqua on postcard! We look forward to much application.
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[news of construction] Hamada Castle trace, Hamada Shiroyama Park

Repair construction of stairs is carried out in Hamada Castle trace, Hamada Shiroyama Park. During period, we cannot observe Hamada Castle trace. I am sorry that we cause trouble, but hope that we have it be understood.
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Monday, October 1 - 11/30 Friday 2018 Hamada-shi X Onan-cho gourmet fair holding!

We eat recommended menu of Hamada-shi and Onan-cho, and does wonderful present hit when we apply for stamp rally? Please enjoy vaunted cooking that you used local ingredients for abundantly♪
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We began - 【 maple gelato] pasta lunch foods menu on Monday, October 1♪

We began sweets such as pancake as foods menu mainly on pasta with maple gelato of Hamada-shi Misumi town ♪ Please use for lunch, break in Misumi town♪
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Information for 10/27 Saturday shore volunteer cleaning ★The Kokufu Coast whole area★

Sightseeing spot "Kokufu Coast" of Hamada-shi neatly ♪ Beautifully ♪ It is information for shore volunteer cleaning that citizen's group raises.
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[news of temporary suspension of business] Yasaka Furusato Taiken Mura (Experience Rural Japan)

Yasaka Furusato Taiken Mura (Experience Rural Japan) is closed at one time from Monday, October 1, 2018.
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