From Saturday, December 15 to Friday, March 15 beautiful skin prefecture grand prix No. 1 memory Shimane winter trip campaign

In commemoration of the "Japan fair skin prefecture grand prix 2018" first place, we carry out "Shimane winter trip campaign" in Shimane. Nice privilege to person who stays in Bihada-no-Yu, Mimata Onsen of Hamada-shi ♪ Do you not do "fair skin trip" to Shimane of the fair skin prefecture grand prix first place?
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News of Monday, December 17 (no company) Hamada-shi tourist association headquarters office move and suspension of business

Our association relocates headquarters office to the second floor of JR Hamada Station with JR Hamada station square redevelopment. We hope that we have support, encouragement not to change continuously.
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Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen praised with national fourth place! -Rakuten Travel breakfast Festival 2018 -

Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen placed the fourth place in Rakuten Travel breakfast Festival 2018 from the accommodations of all over Japan approximately 1,300!
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[during trouble] JR Hamada station square, Donchichi Kagura Clock Tower

As of 2018/12/05, you cannot see "mechanism" about the whole Donchichi Kagura Clock Tower trouble. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope that you have to wait for a while now.
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Saturday, December 1 - 1/31 Thursday orochi bowl, Ebisu bowl No. 1 deciding match

Vote period of orochi bowl No. 1 deciding match which became the third at this time began! We select No. 1 as Ebisu bowl in addition to orochi bowl this year! What kind of bowl becomes No. 1; in fun ~?♪
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From October to February "twilight express consummate performance" service information

"Hotel runs in beautiful Japan," but is service information of "TWILIGHT EXPRESS consummate performance" of concept. We run through San'in Main Line backed by splendid scenery of Hamada including shoreline of the magnificent Sea of Japan and beautiful mountain range.
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1/1 Tuesday (holiday)  Iwamikagura appears on show in New Year of Okayama Kokusai Hotel!

Iwamikagura is staged as event on the New Year of Okayama Kokusai Hotel. Please enjoy in family friends with chef's proud various dishes and buffet of drink all-you-can-drink♪
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[Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen] Information for crab banquet dishes, crab hotpot course

Winter noted product, queen crab! Taste that angry waves of the Sea of Japan brought up Please thoroughly enjoy in Kokumin Shukusha Senjoen♪
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Shimane won the fair skin prefecture grand prix! - fair skin prefecture grand prix 2018‐

Shimane acquired the fifth fair skin prefecture Grand Prix by "Japan fair skin prefecture Grand Prix 2018" to decide "fair skin prefecture" having the most beautiful skin in Japan! You can enjoy sightseeing spot and special product effective in skin care in Hamada-shi♪
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★[12/20 Thursday ticket precedent beginning to sell] 6/1 Saturday Iwamikagura Tokyo performance 2019

We hold Iwamikagura Tokyo performance in 2019! Gorgeous clothes! Heroic dance! The dynamic stage must see it! Please enjoy traditional arts "Iwamikagura" coming to the Iwami, Shimane district♪
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