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Aquas Winter penguin parade is held for from December to March!

Please come to meet ☆ pretty penguin that parade of winter leading role penguins is held for from December to March♪
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Wednesday, December 5 - 12/21 Friday poseratsu lesson exhibition

We display work of poseratsu of various places where it is active in Misumi, Okami district of Hamada-shi Misumi town. Please enjoy in conjunction with permanent construction display of contact hall.
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Inheritance Tonoura Minato (modern times) lecture with Saturday, December 22 [application required] oldness

Lecture about Hamada-shi Tonoura (the back) which caught inheritance authorization in Japan is held. Do you not learn about Tonoura from Meiji to Showa at this opportunity?
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12/23 Sunday Yamazaki teiji Christmas dinner & show

Stage of sacred night when Yamazaki teijisanniyoru of Hamada PR ambassador is gorgeous ♪ With hotel specialty dinner course, please spend special night☆
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12/23 Sunday Xmas IWAMI UMIFES in Kokuhu-kaigan

Dance, food, miscellaneous goods, experiences gather in venue in Kokufu Beach side, gymnasium of Kokufu Elementary School! Please enjoy in "Iwami, sea festival in Kokufu Coast" before Christmas!
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For Tuesday, October 16 - 12/23 (Sunday/Holiday) "Sho Ishimoto work choice 3" "Sho Ishimoto rough sketch exhibition "Venus"

Painter, Sho Ishimoto live through describing painting throughout the life with impression to the beauty. From enormous store works of approximately 2,000 points which painter left, please see many masterpieces kept on choosing by all means.
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Tuesday, December 11 - 23 (Sunday/Holiday) iwamino winter solstice festival "corridor 2018 of light" 

"Corridor of light" which we held when we wanted warmth and charm that light had most in season of winter solstice when day was short in one year to feel. Please enjoy warm light to come out of Iwami Japanese paper and tree, various subject matters including earthenware by all means in venue.
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It is 12/24 (month, shin) Christmas Eve! A whole bunch! Classical music

Do you not spend a time to enjoy "The Nutcracker" in whole family on Christmas Eve of this year? ♪ Please spend a deluxe time in hall to hear until world of story and music, breathing of player.
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Holiday fictionization of December, 2018 child Museum

It is information for fictionization held in child Museum on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays of December. Please go out in families♪
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