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From Saturday, October 6 to Wednesday, December 5 ★Iwami restaurant bus service! !

"Iwami restaurant bus" which ran for from January, 2018 to March came back! !Let's go out on trip to taste season of "person, meal, scenery" to be able to come across on bright red double-decker that Japan has only three only in Iwami♪
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Seem to be dark by wind of Friday, October 19 - 12/2 Sunday iwamin - experience; ...

Welcome to small experience-based program that people of the Ishimi district assemble! On seeing charm such as the history and culture, meal or person of Iwami, you touch, and, from 90 experience-based programs, please enjoy♪
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Morning market "city" of 10/21 Sunday flourishing endlessly

At "city" of Yasakacho, Hamada-shi holding on third Sunday this time, we hold dance Festival at the same time every month! Please enjoy seasonal fresh vegetables and delicious country dishes♪
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10/21 Sunday Open Heart Felice Halloween Party

Halloween party is held in marriage ceremonial hall open heart ferry Che of Hamada-shi ♪ Please enjoy disguise experience-based photobooth or limited sweets♪
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Sunday, October 21 Beach field city health welfare Festival

Healthy welfare Festival is held in Hamada-shi synthesis welfare center. As for health, meal consultation and the experience-based work! Please enjoy♪
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10/21 Sunday 2018 Hamada Station north medical care Festa

Season of Hamada Station north medical care Festa came over this year ♪ Events are varied and look forward to with white robe indoor, the outdoors including photography and surgery experience!
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Exploration walking of Tuesday, October 23 [application required] Japan inheritance authorization, Tonoura district

It is town walk tour over cityscape of Hamada-shi Tonoura (the back) which received ... Iwami public hall oldness and local learning business - Japan inheritance authorization.
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Art school festival civic on Friday, October 26 on - 28 Sunday on the thirteenth

Civic art school festival that art, culture of Hamada-shi gathers. You can enjoy the stage including announcement of beach native Haiya clause other than Yoshitake coffee berry act sale on Sunday on 28th, too.
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10/28 Sunday 191st oldness and history travelogue

Oldness and history travelogue which we hold every month. We explore Yasakacho, Hamada-shi this time.
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Tanada Festival of 10/28 Sunday Muroya

Annual festival is held in "Tanada of Muroya" chosen as 100 selections of Japanese Tanada every year. Yoshiwara woodworking plant is opened to the public this year; as for the workshop! Please enjoy in conjunction with Kagura in Tanada♪
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