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Japanese paper exhibition stained for from Friday, August 17 to Thursday, September 6

We consider to be Hamada-shi Misumi town, Misumi public hall stained Japanese paper classroom and are exhibition of all of corner native challenge classrooms. Please see by all means♪
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Aqua - 2018 SUMMER night on Friday, August 24 on - 26 Sunday

Water tank is lighted up by lighting only by night when welcome it is different from ... day to night aquarium! Please enjoy special time only for three days♪
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Sunday, August 26 [application required] 14th beach futsal in Iwami beach park meeting

Do you not enjoy futsal in Iwami Seaside Park blessed with the blue sea and white sandy beaches with all one's might? We look forward to participation of many people!
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Sunday, August 26 long beach hassaku orange Flower Day

It is historical festival of Nagahamacho, Hamada-shi, Nagahama Tenman-gu Shrine. For signal of signal fire of 6:00 p.m., you can take offering of flowers given glory to by each home with you.
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8/26 Sunday twelfth Beach native work place flea market

It is flea market of welfare institution, beach native work place of Hamada-shi. We sell activity introduction of work place or delicious cake.
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8/26 Sunday 189th oldness and history travelogue

Oldness and history travelogue which we hold every month. It is learning society in search of company in fantastic expression this time.
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Of the 20th anniversary of Misumi power station on - 8/26 Sunday on Saturday, July 21; "let's do problem work of summer vacation"

Thank you, Misumi power station reached the 20th anniversary! One action displays photo sticker photograph for the past 20 years as commemorative event. As work of summer vacation is possible, please drop in in families♪
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Tuesday, August 28 - 10/8 Monday (holiday) fourth Sho Ishimoto Japanese painting grand prix exhibition

Excellence work of ... 2018 art system university of art festival - whole country of blue Ishimi is the largest student Japanese painting exhibition to line up to all members.
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Sunday, July 1 - 8/31 Friday photo exhibition "sea of sea blue"

Late Akira Otani displays scenery of the Misumi shore where scenery photograph and Kotaro Fujita of shooting, donated Hamada Beach were photographed. Please see in conjunction with fishing implements of attached display.
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News from art festival of August, 2018 Iwami Japanese paper hall newspaper, blue Ishimi

Iwami Japanese paper hall to hand down technique of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, Iwami standard size Japanese paper to. We will tell about event plan of August, 2018. Please participate casually♪
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