Representative director
Yuri Iwatani male
 Hamada-shi is at position overlooking the middle, the Sea of Japan of West Shimane, and there are tourist attractions that are rich in beach, skiing area, Shimane ocean building aqua which kept beautiful nature such as traditional culture such as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage "Iwami Japanese paper" or Iwamikagura, the sea, mountain alive.
 We build up area and sightseeing area full of individuality that kept the rich resources alive in solidarity, and the first role demanded from our association is to send information by the charm positively.
 To that end, we deepen cooperation with local all of you and all of affiliates, and it is necessary to plan effective effect-like business deployment all in one body.
 As we will wrestle to be able to play a big role as sightseeing information dispatch base of Hamada-shi, we hope that we have support, cooperation continuously.
Name General Hamada-shi tourist association
Address 〒697-0022 777-19, Asaicho, Hamada-shi, Shimane
Telephone 0855-24-1085
F A X 0855-24-1081
Business hours From 9:00 to 17:45
Holiday From December 29 to January 3
1. Business about development of tourist attractions and preservation
2. Business about introduction of native district culture and beautiful scenery and advertising
3. Business about protecting and nurturing of tradition of folk such as folk arts
4. Business about research of collection and dispatch of sightseeing information and tourist industry
5. Business about tourist invitation and service
6. Trust business from prefecture, city and various groups
7. Business about cooperation with various tourist industry groups
8. Business about plan, holding of various events and collaboration, support with affiliate
9. Business about nature improvement of sightseeing-related human resources and personnel training such as tour guides
10. Business about advertising such as special product, alcoholic beverage, sightseeing souvenir and sale
11. Business about mail order using catalogue and the Internet
12. Travel agency based on Travel Agent Act
13. It is accompanying or related business in business to advocate to each front issue
April 1, 1948 Hamada-shi tourist association establishment
October 1, 2005 It becomes new Hamada-shi by merger of cities, towns and villages of 1, \L1 city and \L2 towns village of Hamada-shi and Kanagicho, Naka-gun, Asahicho, Misumi town, Yasakamura.
April 1, 2007 We dissolved Hamada-shi tourist association, Kanagicho tourist association, Asahicho tourist association, Misumi town Tourism Association and merged new establishment with Hamada-shi tourist association Kokufu branch office, Yasakacho tourist association establishment preparations fair and installed new tourist association.
Name of new association became Hamada-shi tourist association.
March 13, 2014 We establish general Hamada-shi tourist association
April 1, 2014 We start business of general Hamada-shi tourist association
September 26, 2014 We dissolve Hamada-shi tourist association (any group)
  It is articles of association of general Hamada-shi tourist association.  
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