With Iwamikagura
As for the origin of Iwamikagura, it is not sure and is said before the early modern times, but we increase myth thing which assumes Kojiki, the Chronicles of Japan original with study of ancient Japanese thought and culture rise of the culture civil administration period and program is rich and is extremely various. Thing which was Shinto ritual by Shinto priest to soften heart of God was inherited, and, in going, it came to be danced as folk entertainment by hand of people of land by government notice to prohibit dance of Shinto priest from the Meiji government having appeared.
Temper of person from Iwami is just played by large drum, side drum, beating time with hands, musical accompaniment using flute, and the rhythm invites person seeing to the mythical world.
In addition, as for the Iwamikagura, the literature is characteristic. The classic words that it is solemn, and plus is elegant are said to be extremely rare for ordinary kagura and make unique thing with high dialecticism of flavor of soil interwoven in that, poetic sentiment of simple folk song.
Main program introduction
Star of Iwamikagura Orochi
When **koredammei where Japanese Olympus was driven to asks old couple and encounter, reason to grieve for, there were eight daughters to couple, but we have seven daughters stolen by Orochi, and it is said that it is destined to have one in the last stolen. We promise Orochi extermination, and life lets you make poisoned alcohol and exterminates place where Orochi swallows this up and got drunk on. Sword which exited from tail of Orochi then is given to the Sun-Goddess as sword of cluster of clouds of the sky.
Kagura which causes fortune Ebisu
We danced state of sea bream fishing of eight momentous events charges main life, and jidaishumei is at all God whom fishing likes in the first princes of major king life. Traveler visits in the middle of Izumo Taisha Shrine pilgrimage in Miho Shrine and asks court lady omen of our enshrined deity and accepts benevolence of the gods of enshrined deity, and Ebisu appears in place where adult waits for epiphany and is program happy at all to catch sea bream, and to express Kotobuki fortune.
Fierce battle of God and ogre Jinrin
The 14th emperor, Emperor of the obi Nakatsu number of days for attacks in Japan from foreign country and meets army of forthcoming tens of thousands of horse men. The body called Jinrin has wing in that, and evil spirit who flies about on black clouds, and hurts people hears when and follow and leave for the subjugation and exterminate high Maro after fierce battle with deer child bow of the sky, feathers arrow of the sky. It is representative Kagura of Kibu where 2 God 2 ogres confront.
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