We send to the whole country. Special product of oldness and Hamada.
We collected "seafood" which rich nature of Hamada-shi, Shimane brought up "riches of the soil" a lot. We send selected special dish which Hamada-shi tourist association recommends with confidence.
Seafood of the Sea of Japan where the setting sun and luring fire glitter. Riches of the soil of China Mountains where area one side is dyed in pure white colored leaves in winter in autumn. Traditional culture such as Iwamikagura attracting people in Iwami Japanese paper registered with UNESCO world's cultural heritage and light rhythm and mythical world story.
It is specialty special dish of all Hamada-shi. Please enjoy shopping slowly.
Main product
Food, special product
Famous confection, artefact
Local people put love carefully and processed seafood, riches of the soil brought up in rich nature. Please find favorite special dish from abundant articles including dried fish and raw sake, delicacy and ice of "donchitchi three fish" such as rockfish.
Industrial art object
Traditional industrial art object
We have articles of grilled Iwami receiving designation of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage "Iwami standard size Japanese paper" with the history of approximately 1,300 years and traditional industrial art object of country. Please mention warmth that Japanese paper and grilled dish have.
Shimane that is chosen in fair skin prefecture. Hot spring said to be beautiful woman hot water including Mimata Onsen and Asahi Onsen is in Hamada-shi. Please sense the secret of fair skin including developed product and washrag of entertainer habitual use bodily from such hot spring ingredient.
Iwamikagura goods
Iwamikagura goods
Speaking of "Iwamikagura, Iwamikagura speaking of Hamada daily life cannot miss Iwamikagura known as Hamada-shi dehadonchitchino rhythm to say Hamada". We put various goods including aspect and DVD of such an Iwamikagura.
We send wonderful special product of Hamada.
Let' s Shopping (^O^)

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