Visiting Hamada
It is winter, the arrival of hot Hamada♪
Winter pleasure is ski snowboarding! And Hamada has ice skating link, too! A certain shining illumination is attractive in town, too. Winter memory that is wonderful in Hamada with family and friend, lover♡
Hot spring of Hamada who is keenly aware of blessing of mountain! There is effect to be warm, and to warm body which froze by cold from core, and to promote health. And we can obtain fair skin with spring quality of reputation if skin becomes soft and smooth. For return and accommodation of leisure including ski, please utilize hot spring of Hamada. Surely heart warms hot, too♪
Let's taste delicious feast of Hamada who can taste only in winter including local dishes which we used burning hot pan and seafood warming from the core of the body for abundantly!
We can confirm regulation information of expressway, state of current road in Hamada-shi.
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